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Honda Motability - FAQs

Honda Motability - FAQs

  • Q. Why choose Honda Motability?

    A. For the same reason you'd buy a Honda in the first place. When you are dependent on your car, you need it to be reliable, safe and long-lasting. That's Honda through and through.

    The Motability package from Honda also takes away so much of the hassle of owning a car; with maintenance, servicing, insurance and full RAC breakdown cover for your vehicle, all taken care of.

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  • Q. Which Honda vehicles are available on the Motability scheme?

    A. You can choose from four exciting Honda models: Jazz, Civic, CR-V, and Civic Tourer.

  • Q. Am I eligible for the Motability scheme?

    A. If you receive the Higher Rate Motability Component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS) - then the answer is yes. You'll need at least 12 months left on your allowance when you apply.

    For more information visit our dedicated eligibility page
  • Q. How much does it cost on my allowance?

    A. That depends on the Honda you choose. For some, you would exchange all your weekly motability allowance* for your car. Others may mean a lesser, fixed amount per week.

    Where the value of your allowance doesn't cover the cost of the car, you can make an advance payment to cover the difference. This is paid to your Honda dealer at the start of your lease.

  • Q. How do I join?

    A. Just exchange either your Higher Rate Mobility Allowance or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement for a brand new car every three years. Some cars will require an Advance Payment, which is payable to Hendy Honda when you collect your car.

    Please note that you need to be receiving your allowance for the full length of the agreement. However, if you have at least 12 months award remaining, you're free to join.

  • Q. Where do I start?

    A. Visit Hendy Honda and get test-driving! Once your heart is set on the perfect Honda car for you, Hendy Honda will order it online - meaning no paperwork. We have many Honda Motability Specialists waiting to help you.

    For more information visit our dedicated eligibility page
  • Q. Will I get my advance payment back?

    A. This is a non-refundable deposit. It's made as payment towards your chosen Honda car, when the value of your allowance - over three years - doesn't cover the whole cost of the vehicle.

  • Q. What does Hendy Honda need from me?

    A. You don't need to bring a thing if you're just visiting to speak to a Motability specialist (link to Motability Specialists page). Though it is worth calling ahead to make sure they're available.

    To order your car, you will need:

    - Driving licence for you and any other named drivers
    - Certificate of entitlement
    - Proof of address, such as a recent utility bill

    Hendy Honda will fill out the order for you online. No paper work, no fuss.


  • Q. How long will my new car take to arrive?

    A. It can vary depending on the Honda car you've ordered, and where it's coming from. Hendy Honda will be able to give you an expected delivery time and will stay in touch through the whole process. We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with our customers throughout the buying process.

    If you have a car on the Motability Scheme already, you'll be able to collect your new car on or after the end date of your current agreement.

  • Q. Can I join the scheme if I am over 65?

    A. Yes you can - as long as you joined the PIP, DLA or WPMS before the age of 65. Please note you must have at least 12 months of your allowance remaining.

  • Q. Can I add another driver?

    A. Up to two named drivers are included as part of your lease; these can be yourself, friends, family or carers.

  • Q. Can I change my nominated drivers?

    A. You can change the permitted drivers shown on the Certificate of Motor Insurance by contacting RSA Motability. All proposed drivers will be subject to Motability's policies on who can drive your car and must also meet RSAM's eligibility criteria regardless of whether they are added at application or during your lease. In order to consider your request, RSAM will need details of the new driver, including driving licence number, motoring convictions and any previous loss, damage or insurance claims. In addition, the proposed driver must be able to speak to RSAM when you call so they can give consent for their details to be checked with the DVLA. Don't forget that only drivers listed under the permitted drivers section of your Certificate of Motor Insurance are covered to drive your Motability car.

  • Q. Who do I need to tell when I move house?

    A. Please inform both Motability and Hendy Honda if you change address or contact details, especially if you are moving house. Not only will this stop us sending post to your old address, but if all your details don't match you will experience a delay when you come to place an application for a new car.

    If you would like to change your details now, you can use the update your details form. Please bear in mind that only customers or nominees can update details.

    If you are changing your details, don't forget that you will also need to inform The Department for Work and Pensions or Veterans UK, the DVLA and your Motability dealer through the Find a Dealer tool.

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  • Q. What about my next Honda car on the Motability Scheme?

    You can order your next Honda car three months before the end of your lease but it's a good idea to start thinking about your next vehicle a few months before. Our dedicated Motability Specialists our here to help you through the process and answer any questions you have.

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  • Q. Can I add a personalised number plate to my car?

    A. It may be possible to add a personalised number plate to your Motability car but this will be at Motability's discretion and an administration fee may apply.

  • Q. Can I cancel my car lease agreement?

    A. You can only cancel your lease agreement if you have extenuating circumstances with a valid reason. You may be asked to pay a fee of up to £250 and you will not be eligible for a Good Condition Bonus. If you would still like to discuss cancelling your agreement, please call Motability customer services on 0300 456 4566.

  • Q. I'm getting another car, where should I hand my current car back?

    A. You should hand your car back to Motability dealer that is supplying your new car. This will be on the same day you collect your new car.

  • Q. What options do I have at the end of my Honda Motability lease agreement?

    The options available at the end of your Honda Motability lease agreement are (click on an option below to find out more):

    - Lease another car through Motability for the next three years
    - See if you can keep your current car longer
    - Return your car and have DLA reinstated.

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