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Taking Care

Taking Care


Taking delivery of your new Honda Motability car from Hendy Honda is an exciting time. We want to make sure you continue to enjoy your new vehicle by making your motoring experience as pleasurable and hassle-free as possible. We have created this new section to help you through your Contract Hire Agreement with Hendy Honda. This includes information about your insurance, maintenance and breakdown cover..

You don't have to drive yourself, as you can nominate up to two drivers. If your child receives the allowance you can choose to lease a car on their behalf.

Taxing your new car

When you receive your new car from Hendy Honda under the Motability scheme, the car will already be taxed for the first year.

If you change your address details, please let us know at Hendy Honda and also at Motability. Motability - call 0845 456 4566 or update your details at www.motability.co.uk.



At no extra cost, Hendy Honda will service your car to the manufacturer's specifications every 12 months or at the pre-determined mileage and carry out any maintenance repairs necessary due to general wear and tear.

To make a booking, call our service team on 0800 012 5911 or book online

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Maintaining Your Car

You should respond to any service requests from Hendy Honda and make sure the car is regularly maintained as recommended in the Honda manufacturer's handbook.

  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Engine cooling system
  • Lights
  • Tyres are not below legal limit of 1.6mm
  • Tyres are at the right pressure - including the spare

You should ensure you do the following:

  • Wash the car regularly to maintain its paint work. We offer great value valet services to leave your car shining
  • Ensure all faults are put right quickly
  • Respond to any manufacturer recall - Hendy Honda will keep you informed of any faulty parts that need replacing

Service Books

Please keep your service book safe and in good condition, as it may be needed in the future to prove the car has had regular servicing.

Hendy Honda will stamp your service book when you visit us for your service.

Accident Repairs

If your car is damaged, before you take any action to get it repaired, you must contact RSA Motability (your insurance providers) for advice on whether the repair is actually required. You can make a claim through RSA Motability and there will be an excess to pay (payable by you) of £75 for any damage to the vehicle. Please note, some drivers, such as the young or inexperienced, may attract a higher excess.

Other Repairs

If you suspect that your car needs a repair, contact Hendy Honda as soon as possible.


Mechanical Components

Hendy Honda will replace any necessary parts under your Motability agreement, except where there is evidence of neglect or misuse.

Underside of your car

Any serious damage to the underside of your Motability car is not considered to be fair wear and tear. If you suspect any such damage during use, please contact Hendy Honda immediately.

Oil leaks

Please report any oil leaks to Hendy Honda, where we will make the repairs free of charge as part of the normal servicing agreements with Motability.

Exhaust system

Normal deterioration of the exhaust system is inevitable. However, damage to the exhaust due to heavy impact or the use of the wrong type of fuel, is not regarded as fair wear and tear.

Good condition bonus

If you return your car in good order at the end of the Motability agreement, you may receive a good condition bonus of £250.

The good condition bonus is paid out within 28 days of the car being returned - all decisions are made by Motability.


Before adding any other accessories or making modifications to your car, you should get authority from Motability Operations and then notify RSA Motability.

Personal number plates

Personal number plates can be fitted to your car, but please call Motability on 0300 456 4566 if you wish to do so.

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