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Customer Service at Hendy Honda Portsmouth provided to Mr Barnett

Dear Mr Povey

I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation of assistance provided to me recently by your service advisor Simon Kenney. I drive a new Honda CR-V - my fifth - which I bought in January.

About a month ago, my wife, who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and is confined to a wheelchair, collapsed and was rushed into the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. As I followed the ambulance in my car, a dashboard warning light came on which indicated that I needed to get the car to a dealer as soon as possible. 

After ensuring my wife comfortable in hospital, I took the car to your garage where I met Mr Kenney. I explained my predicament  that my wife was in intensive care and that I desperately needed the car to visit her each day. Mr Kenney immediately made space in the garage's busy schedule to enable an engineer to analyse the problem. The engineer thought that he had resolved it but, a few days later, the warning light returned. Once again, Mr Kenney came to my rescue, arranging for me to have a courtesy car at short notice so that my car could be properly checked in your workshop.

The issue with the car turned out to be a relatively minor one but it did require that a new part be ordered and fitted. This process took two weeks. Again Mr Kenney was extremely helpful in finding a time that was convenient for me to bring  in the car and wait while the problem was addressed. Thank fully, I am now driving a car without any flashing dashboard warning light - and my wife has just come out of hospital.

I know how extremely busy and pressurised a garage like yours will be and it would have been quite understandable if Mr Kenney had simply told me that there was no gap in the mechanic's schedule to attend to my car and that no courtesy car was available. That he didn't and instead recognise the difficulties that I was facing says much about both him and your company, and for that I am very grateful. 

With best wishes

Clive Barnett