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New Honda CR-V purchased by Mr and Mrs Scott at Hendy Honda Southampton

Dear Alan

I thought I would put pen to paper straight away although I am not sure words are enough to express how overwhelmed I am by our new car and the exceptional service we have received throughout the journey.

Alan, you have delivered a first class experience from beginning to end. You have taken the time to understand us, our lifestyle, our budget and what is needed from a car to suit a 6'2" man and a 5'3" woman!

Taking ownership of a £30,000 car should be more than enough for anyone but it's the little extras that have made my day. The flowers are beautiful, I loved the personal message in the car window and the framed drawing of our car was above and beyond, please thank Andy again. In fact please give the whole showroom a pat on the back as every single person I have come into contact with has greeted me with a smile and good manners which is often so rare in our fast paced world.

Alan although this is a personal thankyou to you, I would be grateful if you could forward this email to Andy and Paul Hendy as I do not have their email addresses. When you run your own business you hope your team are delivering your vision but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Once again thank you, have a good Easter but more importantly enjoy this exciting family time you have ahead of you.

Kind regards.

Sue Scott